The Good Hustle Galway Wedding band , Dublin Wedding band, its all the same to us

If you are looking for a good wedding band to play in your vicinity, times have changed. All the help you need in planning a wedding, and choosing the right band has been made easier by the advent of the internet. The Good Hustle travel all over Ireland performing weddings in Dublin, Cork, Tullaghmore, Limerick. the list of towns and cities go on. But what happens when a couple want to see The Good Hustle play live before booking the band for their wedding?


Well, we have come up with a solution. you need to see your band perform live before you can truly be comfortable booking them, and that means going to see them play. You can see some showcases in your local town, especially if you live in one of the big centres like Dublin, Cork, or Galway. But what happens if you live in Mallow? Or Waterford? All of a sudden you must drive hours to hear your band of choice play. Well now The Good Hustle wedding band is your local band, and you wont even have to leave your house. Simply log on to one of our online live streaming showcases and whether you are from Kerry or Donegal, Dublin or Wexford, The good Hustle will play especially for you. gone are the days of google searching "Galway wedding band", just pick your favorite band, the good hustle;) and watch us play for you live, virtually in your living room.

We are driving around the country every week doing weddings, but you dont have to drive to see our showcases. You are also welcome to pop into some of the weddings we play as long as its ok with the bride and groom on the night, that works too! At the moment we play gigs mostly in Galway and Limerick, but we have been asked to do festivals in Cork, Donegal, and Killarney, so there might be an option to see us, your local/national wedding band play for you there. Picking a good wedding band is so important. You need to know that you are gettng the best band possible for your wedding night, within your budget. When you talk to The Good Hustle wedding band, we will do our best to find an option that works best for your budgetm while not compromising on quality, energy and performance. You want great playlists and your dancefloor full, we guarantee this.


The best wedding bands in Ireland should all do this, but there are many who will let you down. Dont get stung on your big day. get a band with a great reputation, see them yourself, and book your wedding band with confidence. We are your local band no matter where you live. The good Hustle can be a Dublin Wedding band, A Sligo wedding Band, A cork Wedding Band, We will travel nationwide and we love doing it.


happy planning,


All the best