Why/what is a "Good Hustle"?

Some people ask about the name… it has a few different meanings to us. We are a hard-working wedding band, we take pride in our ethic, our guarantee that we always “bring it” to every gig. That is partly what Good Hustle means for us. But the other, deeper meaning is something to do with the vision we had when we set up this band. Could a wedding/corporate band exist that was actually fun and funky? Could a band exist that would genuinely delight and surprise crowds, whilst still doing all the things that wedding bands need to do? Some said “it will never work”, you have to do what every other band is doing in order to play weddings in Ireland. Well, we do, and then we do more. That is what a Good Hustle is to us. We want to leave a lasting impression, give people what they want, whilst still having fun and playing excellent music to our own standards. For the most part, we are pretty successful. Even if we need to play “Wagonwheel” once in a while, its OK, we do it well! Whilst Googling our own name today in search of a photo I uploaded some time ago, I came across a post which I thought quite relevant, and kind of funny, as it compares a Good Hustle to a Bad Hustle! Perhaps we need to pin this up on the office wall, but for now I’ll just leave this here…

Good Hustle

  • If you think a thing should exist, build it.

  • If you don’t how to do a thing, figure it out.

  • Failed? No problem, Next Idea.

  • “I want to”…

  • Grabbing opportunities

  • Can’t stop learning


Bad Hustle

  • Sleeplessness as a badge of honor

  • Health/Wellness put on hold

  • Friends/ Family put on hold

  • Deadline bullies

  • “I had to”

  • Sacrificed Hobbies/Interests

  • Busy for the sake of busy.

2019 is a year of “no Bad Hustling”. Health and family first, innovation and energy for our band and clients, and we will just keep on learning. See you on tour!