Why get married? Why work? Why celebrate... one word

Love of course, but then you already knew that as its something your feeling in abundance, daily, as you begin to plan your wedding.

At The Good Hustle office here in Galway, we are big fans of love!

We love that you and your partner are in love, and that you want to celebrate that magical thing. WE WANT IN!!!

You deserve a magical party, and a band who are also in love with life! We feel so lucky everytime we get to help a couple have the best night of their lives, what an it is honor to share that time with you and your friends and family. And what an honour it is to be the band who get to rock that celebration till we are all covered in sweat, grinning from ear to ear, dancing like crazy and driving the place bananas! As you can tell, we also love our job;)

We want what you, our client, wants. We want your wedding to be the most amazing party possible, and would be delighted to help you, and work with you to make that vision a reality!

We are more than happy to learn and perform your first dance live, and really nail it to the wall while ye go for it on the dance floor; we will have your back!

After the first dance is done, our profesionalism, tightness and energy will go into overdrive mode while you get to relax with your guests and dance like crazy! If you get our DJ service too you will be on the floor for a long night, so you better be ready ;)

No matter what kind of crowd you have, we pride ourselves on our versatility and will leave no man behind! If you need country, jives, waltzes, we have you covered, as far as 90's mashups, timeless disco, soul and funk, and the latest modern pop hits, we do it all, and we do all of that great music justice.

If you want to know why we are fast becoming the most in demand wedding band in Ireland by discerning guests who are sick of the same tired old routine at weddings, click here, we would love to hear about your party or wedding and get involved!