Amazing wedding tip from a road manager who has seen it all..

Working at weddings is an interesting experience, and after miles of roadway, copious amounts of petrol station coffee and hearing Franky’s New York New York more times than the National Anthem, you tend to pick up a tip or two. The little tricks of the trade that to a couple planning a wedding are huge obstacles, to us on the wedding scene becomes second nature.

It may be an old cliché that your wedding day is the biggest party of your life, but in most cases its true. The single biggest extravagance in a couple’s relationship, with the budget and headaches to match. Deciding on a venue, choosing entertainment, seating arrangements to keep the Crazy Uncle Mike away from Granny’s cousin Fr Murphy and not to mention the menus, dietary requirements, dress fittings, flower arrangement, colour themes, church music……the list goes on.

With all this balancing act going on, you’re still working your bum off week after week in the real world outside of the magical Weddingland to pay for it all.

When did you become an Event Manager?


So now that I have you sufficiently stressed with the thoughts of being a Wedding Planner for your own big day. Here’s my little secret, the trick that we see time and time again that separates those that have a great wedding and those that have an amazing wedding.

Simply …..

Don’t Worry!!!

Ok, that might sound easier said than done, and maybe I’ve simplified it too much, so allow me to explain.

There are aspects to planning your wedding that are your job and 100% your responsibility, choosing the Dress or Suit, deciding on the Venue, picking the Band, etc. These are the biggest decisions you will make and you should spend time deciding and finding the right fit for you as a couple with all these decisions.

When choosing these elements, you’re not merely hiring a room or deciding what music you like, you should get so much more for your hard earned bucks. You are choosing a professional. The venue manager that will make it their job to make sure your day is as spectacular as you want it.

Or the band that get to know you and your tastes over days and weeks of conversations putting all their professional experience together to entertain you, your friends and family just how you had imagined.

Real professionals in Weddingland know and understand that this is the biggest day of your life.  They appreciate that you are apprehensive and nervous already. They want to take that stress away and help you enjoy your day: you earned it, and you deserve it.

And as you slip into that dress or lace up those shiny shoes take a moment to switch off the worry. Trust your decisions. Trust your professionals. And enjoy each moment of the day, every photo, every dance, every second.

And know that everything will be just as amazing as you want it to be because you are surrounded by your loved ones being cared for by experts that you’ve chosen wisely.


John Byrne is the Good Hustle's road manager, which means he does everything from videoing events to ensuring the guitar player has a working 9v battery! He has a unique perspective to see behing the scene's at wedding's, and apparently he's a pretty good blogger in his spare time too!