Live music vs promo videos, what to expect on your night..

When you're searching for your perfect wedding band, the chances are you will end up online, scrolling through pages and pages of bands that offer their services for weddings in Ireland. It can be tiring for you to differenciate between them, and difficult for the bands to show you on their site what it is they can do. Some very good bands have lacklustre webpages but survive on recommendations as they are a actually good group. Others have fantastic photography, presentation and of course, video's.. but do we know what they will be like on the night?

The benefit of video's it means that you can check out the band from the comfort of your living room, bed , couch, or basically anywhere now that we all access the internet from multiple devices, (the loo, of course!) Some of the video's of bands online are simply stunning. They are produced expensively, really well lit, with overdubbed sound, and post editing which make them very slick indeed. Unfortunately this tells you precisely nothing about what the band would be like at your wedding!

Live sound vs studio sound are entirely different things, a whilst one must tip ones hat to those bands who have mini-MTV videos on their pages, it only tells us that the band have spent some money on marketing. Don't get me wrong, that's a good thing, it means they probably intent to turn up on the night!

We at the Good Hustle wrestled with these decisions when we produced our own promo video, and we decided to try to show the raw energy of our gigs as opposed to a polished, edited, colour corrected version of our band. So what you see on our videos is what you get, warts and all. But what you get is energy and vibe at our gigs, we love what we do!

Of course, in the wise words of James Brown, the best thing would be to Get Up Offa That Thing and come check out one of our gigs or showcases!



See you soon, Michael