7 Amazing facts
about The Good Hustle that will make you rethink existence!

The Good Hustle started life with a bunch of friends who all played in various wedding bands. We were looking to do something really amazing, musical and happening on an “off” night. We started to rehearse 6 months before we did our first gig, crafting each song, arrangement and medley into something we loved and were proud of. When we were ready we partnered with Seven Bridgestreet in Galway as the perfect venue to run our Thursday night residency. It was only then we realized that people wanted to book this “love project” for their weddings and events. The enquiries and questions kept coming in and it dawned on us that we could have fun all weekend long too!

Lucia and Barbara bring serious vocal horsepower to every gig!

Lucia and Barbara bring serious vocal horsepower to every gig!

Barbara and Lucia are both simply stunning. Either one is a find; genuine star talents. We don't know why we are so lucky to have both!

For the ultimate experience book the full Hustle experience and get both girls for your night! WOW!!

These ladies are in hot demand for numerous projects and tours, so if you want to book a specific singer for your event, we can say, we will do our best. Having the highest standards for the Good Hustle means only having the best people in the band. This is a double-edged sword. At times some of these people will not be available for your date, such is their demand. Rest assured that any alternate is someone who is already working with us, NOT some guy or girl who gets a call a week before the gig and is learning first dances in the toilet of the venue! (Yes, this happens!) Our collective is made up of pros and they all attend our weekly rehearsals, are up to date with our sets, and will never arrive to a gig anything short of 110% prepared.  We guarantee you that other bands with high profile, talented members are in the same position, but we hope you appreciate us being upfront about it. If Lucia gets a call for a Broadway show, she may just have to take it! So book early, and know that you’re in good hands. Once a date is locked in, it’s locked in! Check to see is your date available now!

Our members have worked with loads of famous people.

Like really famous people... But we don’t like to be name droppers… ahem…ahem, Cormac!!

Michael and Ciaran (Keyboard, guitar and vocals) also do two piece wedding receptions, and we bill ourselves as The Little Hustle! We play Jazz, Easy listening and pop that is just perfect for creating an atmosphere when guests are arriving.

We use custom molded in ear monitors so that we can hear exactly what we are doing. This, in combination with a digital, automated mixing desk, and classy (polite word for expensive) equipment throughout means we get great sound everywhere we go. No feedback or nastiness thanks you, just juicy dance floor filling frequencies!


We still run our weekly rehearsal every Wednesday morning! We love working on new arrangements, dissecting new songs, and coming up with cooler ways of delivering the ear candy goodness to you!

Although the emphasis of The Good Hustle is on party, dance music, we are versed in all kinds of music.


from jives to house, rock to disco, if it gets your crowd moving, we are all over it!